A downloadable bongo simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bongo Cat 3D

A small Bongo cat simulator that I 3d modelled and programmed for a friend as a Secret Santa gift.

It's really not very polished but it's the best I would do in the time frame and I hope you enjoy it!

merry crhistmes!!


Left side of keyboard or left mouse for left bongo

Right side of keyboard or right mouse for right bongo

Shift, Space or Enter for meows


After issues with the game crashing whole browsers (???) I have removed the web version for now.

Install instructions

Windows and Mac have been tested, linux has not. Lemme know in the comments linux people!

For macOS you might have to right click on the .app and press "open" on your first run rather than just double clicking.


BongoCat3D.exe 162 MB
BongoCat3D.zip 110 MB
BongoCat3D.x86_64 164 MB


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VERY CUTE 10/10 would download again